Shenzhen Special 7: Janek Mann at Lab 0

In this episode, I’m visiting a makerspace that might seem very familiar to anyone coming from the UK, Europe or America. It’s called Lab 0, and it’s run by and for its members, without government subsidy or commercial income.

Janek at Lab 0

I spoke with one of the founders, Janek Mann, who’s originally from Germany, but has been in Shenzhen for 5 years. As an outsider, but one with a far deeper experience of the local culture than me, he was able to help me understand some of the currents – at times contradictory – that run through Shenzhen’s unique maker culture.


Workbenches in the makerspace

This podcast series is part of the British Council’s Hello Shenzhen programme. It is a Lighthouse production. Lighthouse is an arts and culture agency based in Brighton in the UK, producing, supporting and presenting new art, film, music, design and games.

Music is by Ketsa.

This is the last of my Shenzhen stories for now. Hopefully I’ll have another chance to visit this fascinating city, and meet some more of its makers. In the meantime, stay subscribed to the Looking Sideways feed for new series. I’m working on a couple of podcast projects right now – follow the show on Twitter to get updates.

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